Resolutions 2013

New Year’s is a very special time for me. I’ll go into further details on that later, but for now I want to record my 2013 resolutions before I miss out on a 1/1/13 timestamp! The following are in no particular order as they are all equally important to me:

1. Maintain a weight under 160 lbs. I hope to lose a few more pounds but what is really important is to avoid backsliding after my recent 30 lb success.

2. Get pregnant. Modify Resolution #1 as necessary.

3. Consistently post to this site. I am starting with a once per week schedule. Surely I can find one thing every week worth discussing (otherwise I need to make a change). 52 weeks in a year really isn’t all that many opportunities for introspection, I think it’s realistic!

4. Triple my savings account amount and maintain at least that much for at least three months.

5. Get published for a paper focused on my professional interests. Along the way develop skills in those areas which can aid any future transition I may need to make.


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